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Contact: Alex Rose

October 30, 2023


Zappala Accepts Almost 200k from Republican Billionaire 


PITTSBURGH - November 2 - After losing the Democratic primary and accepting the Republican nomination for District Attorney, the 24-year incumbent Steve Zappala has taken sides with Republican billionaire Jeffrey Yaas.  Yass has contributed a record amount of money to races across Pennsylvania, including $4.4 million dollars into the Supreme Court race alone. This is after Yaas has avoided paying One billion in taxes - while largely escaping public scrutiny. He’s now pouring his money into campaigns to cut taxes and support election deniers, including over $200k to Republican Steven Zappala whose office is in charge of enforcing election law in Allegheny County. 

     Matt Dugan has 16 years of experience working in Allegheny County’s justice system, where he was a prolific trial attorney and head of the Public Defender’s Office.  Steve Zappala has never tried a single criminal case in his career and, as DA, has failed to seek justice for survivors of sexual assault and rape.  Matt Dugan brought broad policy reform to the office of the Public Defender’s Office; Project Reset, First Appearance Bail Project, and the Juvenile Educational Advocacy Project.  As District Attorney, he’ll bring the same reform-minded approach that will create a safer and more just Allegheny County for all.

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