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FALSE: Matt silenced a sexual assault victim.  

FACT: Nine local victim’s advocacy groups came forward with a letter calling Steve Zappala out for REFUSING to believe victims and prosecute sexual assaults.  Read the letter.   The false Republican attack ads cite a case that had nothing to do with Matt. This is the court case from the commercial. 


FALSE: Matt is anti-police. 

FACT: In his more than 16 years of public service in Allegheny County, Matt has fostered working relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors grounded in mutual respect.  That’s why more than 15 Allegheny County prosecutors have signed a letter supporting Matt’s campaign and attesting to his “high ethical standards, integrity, and sound judgment.”  Read the letter.  Republicans are airing a commercial that falsely accuses Matt of displaying an anti-police sign. A  different attorney in the Public Defender’s office had an anti-police sign behind closed doors in her office. When he learned about it, Matt immediately ordered the attorney to remove the offensive sign and ensured that appropriate employment action was taken.   

FACT: Republican Steve Zappala’s desperate campaign of fear and false attacks is funded by Republican billionaire Jeffrey Yaas.  Yass has contributed a record amount of money to races across Pennsylvania, including $4.4 million dollars spent on the Supreme Court race alone. This is after Yaas himself avoided paying $1 billion in taxes He’s now pouring his money into campaigns to support election deniers, including over $200k to keep Republican Steve Zappala in the office that is charged with enforcing election law in Allegheny County.

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