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October 29, 2023
For Immediate Release:


     We are a group of lawyers who previously served as prosecutors in Stephen  Zappala’s District Attorney’s Office. While we’ve moved on to other roles, we take great pride in the work we did as prosecutors. Our job was to enforce the laws of  Pennsylvania and keep our community safe. That included working closely with police departments across the county. Our work also included combatting violent crime, seeking justice for victims, and protecting individuals’ civil rights. Given our  backgrounds, we understand the critically important responsibilities of the District  Attorney’s Office.


     We join in this letter endorsing Matt Dugan to serve as our next District  Attorney. Mr. Dugan has served our community well during his 16-year career working for the Allegheny County Public Defender’s Office, where it was his responsibility to defend the Constitution and those it protects. He has tried hundreds of cases before juries and judges alike. Proving himself to be an exceptionally skilled lawyer and leader, Mr. Dugan was promoted to several different roles in the office, eventually being named the Chief Public Defender,  where he oversaw a large office with nearly a hundred lawyers. In that role, Mr.  Dugan displayed an ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders throughout the criminal justice system. His leadership brought reforms and innovations that positively impacted all of Allegheny County’s criminal justice system, such as his office’s staffing of lawyers at initial arraignments where bail decisions are made. 

     Collectively, we have worked with Mr. Dugan in thousands of cases. We have personally observed his high ethical standards, integrity, and sound judgment.  While there may have been times when we did not agree, Mr. Dugan’s transparent approach fostered an effective working relationship grounded in mutual respect. 


     Mr. Dugan’s campaign for District Attorney is driven by his commitment to making our community safer by implementing reforms that make the criminal justice system more fair, more transparent, and more effective in combatting violent crime. We share these goals.


     We believe that Mr. Dugan is the right choice to serve as our next District  Attorney. We trust Mr. Dugan to keep our community safe. Mr. Dugan’s prior experience as Chief Public Defender will serve as an asset that will inform his ability to implement safety-minded reforms. Quite simply, no one understands our local criminal justice system better than Mr. Dugan. Equally important, Mr. Dugan also possesses a unique combination of skills and experiences – including proven competence, a strong work ethic, and a collaborative leadership style – that will effectively serve and protect our entire community.


If you are a former Prosecutor, and would like to sign the letter.

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