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I’ve devoted my career to ensuring the most marginalized members of our community have access to fair and just outcomes in the courtroom. That’s not always made me the most popular person in the room, especially in a society that desperately wants to create a narrative of good vs. evil in the criminal justice system. The truth is the system doesn’t work that way.  And, here in Allegheny County, the system isn’t working at all. Everyday we’re failing the people who encounter the criminal justice system.  We fail to address the issues that bring defendants into the system: substance abuse disorder, untreated or undiagnosed mental health issues, and instability due to poverty. We’re failing victims of violent crime by not securing convictions on our most serious cases. We’re failing Allegheny County because our criminal justice system refuses to acknowledge the humanity of the individuals it is meant to serve. I'm Matt Dugan, and I am running for District Attorney to change that. Matt's full statement

Matt Dugan on Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Matt Dugan walking down a flight of stairs at the Allegheny County Courthouse

Please help us make change in Allegheny County in 2023. Every donation helps us reach one more voter and we need every vote to win this race against an incumbent who has been in office for 23 years. Help us share Matt's vision for change in the District Attorney's office by making a donation today. 

Matt Dugan is running for Allegheny County District Attorney to bring Justice to the Justice System and Integrity to the DA's Office. Watch our campaign video to learn more. 


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